Upper Advanced

("Mitkadmim Bet")

The course aims to give students the advanced strategies needed to become independent and critical readers of English.  Amongst the strategies taught are recognizing the structure and genre of a text, identifying the main ideas,  the writer’s point of view, and analyzing and evaluating the claims in light of supporting arguments and evidence. Students are taught to conceptualize a writer’s ideas, or when listening to a lecture, the lecturer’s ideas, formulate responses to them, and express them in appropriate spoken and written language.

Course requirements:

Attendance is compulsory.  Insufficient attendance will result in the student being dropped from the course.

The final grade for the course is composed of a class grade (60%) and the final exam (40%).

The class grade is comprised of exams, quizzes and homework, as well as an independent assignment.

A minimum 60% class grade is a prerequisite for taking the final exam.  In addition, students must have a minimum grade of 60 in the final exam and an average grade of 70 to pass the course.

Course code by faculty:

Science - 11121

Pharmacy/Medical Science - 11131

Nursing - 11141

Humanities / Social Sciences - 11181

Agriculture - 71051