Students in the basic level are introduced to the vocabulary, structure and content of academic articles and to the reading and analytical skills needed to understand simple academic texts.  Students are taught, for example, to find and understand the main ideas and supporting details, to scan in order to find desired information and to understand vocabulary in context. Verbal and listening competence is encouraged and enhanced through class discussions and exposure to audiovisual material in English. 

Course requirements:

Attendance is compulsory.  Insufficient attendance will result in the student being dropped from the course.

The final grade for the course is composed of a class grade (60%) and the final exam (40%).

The class grade is comprised of exams, quizzes and homework.  A minimum 60% class grade is a prerequisite for taking the final exam.  In addition, students must have a minimum grade of 60 in the final exam and an average grade of 70 to pass the course.

Course code by faculty:

Science - 11123

Nursing - 11143

Humanities / Social Sciences - 11183

Agriculture - 71053